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Hong Kong Climbers Club is a young guiding company co-founded by a group of local climbing enthusiasts and professionals. We were born and raised here, and living in the "city of concrete jungle" actually makes us treasure the beauty of the outdoors even more.


Climbing, in particular, is our favorite activity, and the variety of climbing simply amazes us, from leisure hikes to gorge walking to coasteering to rock climbing and more. We find ways to have fun in the mountains, and we very much love to share that joy with everyone we meet.

Our mission is to provide exceptional quality outdoor climbing experiences and services while maintaining a high standard of safety and conserving the environment.


Our guides and instructors are all well trained and certified in different climbing disciplines as well as first aid, by internationally recognized authorities including but not limited to:


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We Climb

Apparently we are a bunch of climbing maniacs!

We Guide

Come climb with us!

We guide experiential climbing tours and courses, and we can tailor them based on your needs.

We Share

Joy is multiplied when shared!

At the same time, we hope to connect climbers from different walks of life to exchange and study the best practices of climbing.

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